Questioning Identity

An article initiated out of Lithuania discussing contemporary symposia and the future of organizing such events, questions are posed regarding the state of the field and how to navigate the ever-changing direction, funding and institutional backing.


The Particulate of Molis

Providing a glimpse into the work of Lithuanian ceramic artist Ieva Bertašiūte Grosbaha and her exploration of themes dealing with the intersection of art and science. Her practice melds multiple facets of both skilled making as well as embracing uncertainty, experimentation and the unknown. 


Māris un The Merry Men

Written to acknowledge Maris Grosbahs and his continued efforts to support the arts through his 20yrs of organizing symposia in the rural Latvian village of Roja. This article discusses both the progression of the event as well as specifics regarding the artists participating in the 2016 RojaLAB.


Casting Residue

This article represents the many facets of how residue, memory and the archive are ever present in the development and exploration of the work. The physical history of place is explored through an array of materials, processes and visual manifestations.


Documenting Fire

Discussing aspects of the wood-fired Industrial Ceramics series specifically, this synopsis of a prior writing elaborates on the documentation of that process and the conscious decisions being made to revisit an age-old tradition in a contemporary format.